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The Idea

It all started with a story a friend of mine told me. We were talking about dreams and he said he used to have recurring dreams about flying. He said he could only fly, if he started his flight from a specific chair, that he found in his grandparents' backyard. He would step on that chair and could fly up high. It never worked without the chair.

He used to have these dreams a lot. Then one day, the chair was no longer in the backyard. He tried his best to look for it, but the magic was forever lost. He never flew again in any of his dreams.

This story was fascinating for me. Not only because I also dream about flying sometimes (though I don't need a chair for it, I simply start by a long motion with my hands that pushes me high up), but also because I always thought flying was special.

So I started asking around.

It turned out, that I have way more friends who can fly in their dreams than I thought - and they all fly in different ways.

This project aims to capture it all. I hope you'll find some of them at least as fascinating as I do. If you also have a dream, please get in touch below. 


Image by Jon Tyson

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If you also have dreams in which you are flying, I'd like to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to fill in the form below, so your dream could get featured on the site.

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Thank you!

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