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Bird over the desert

Luise (33, Female, from Germany, she is a Life Coach, she went to University)

She dreams regularly and remembers her dreams most of the time.

She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

I'm flying like a bird with my arms as wings.

When I was a child, I regularly dreamed that I was flying. It always started the same way. I was running on the street that I used to live in, and at the end of the street I jumped, and then started to fly around the area.

Nowadays, I only dream about it occasionally, and in various locations. One dream I remember: I was flying over a desert. Each time I have the feeling that I can fly however I want. I can go up and down, right and left. I feel super free and very happy.

I always feel very happy after I wake up. It's definitely my favorite dream :-)

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