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Composing in the air

Anonymous (33, Male, from Germany, he is a Team Lead in Account Management in online retail, he went to University)

He dreams regularly and remembers his dreams most of the time.

Flying has happened to him only once or twice in his dreams.

It happens, that I fly like riding a bike, but without a bike. Mostly I don't really realize it while dreaming, just wondering, why my feet don't touch the ground. I'm not sure, why I fly in these moments.

It happens often when I run in my dreams, starting to ascend like a bird. This feels good on the one hand, but it also is a bit weird, because I always have the position like on a bike, and I can't influence the height. Only in a few occasions was I able to free myself and fly higher or in other positions.

Another time, I was "stuck" in the air, as if I was hanging on an axis going through my hips, and I wasn't able to move in any directions. I was just hanging there, wriggling. That made me feel very uncomfortable.

In another dream, it made me feel weird, 'cause of the described unchangeable position.

It also happened, that I was flying as if I would be swimming in maybe mud, or something similar. Like stuck and not really able to move, but I was trying like swimming.

It happened usually in relation to the bicycle position dreams.

In other dreams, I fly very free, like a very fast jet plane but not as high as they usually fly. In one of these dreams, I could direct a whole, big orchestra while flying on high speed over different landscapes. One of the craziest dreams I've ever had. Composing my own masterpiece, conducting it in the same moment and flying that fast made me even wake up after some time. I found myself confused, upset and fully enlightened. It was a crazy experience.

Once I was on a flying carpet, but I can hardly remember all the details. I only remember, that I was on a carpet with someone else, flying, but the carpet got smaller and smaller. Somehow we came back to the ground.

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