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Fairy idealist

Csilla (35, Female, from Hungary, she is a Project Manager, she went to University)

She dreams regularly, but only remembers her dreams occasionally.

She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

I rarely dream about flying, but when I do, it's always very positive, and it happens always in very mystical dreams. As I can't recall the details of these dreams, I can only share how it makes me feel and what I experience.

Usually, flying is paired with other miraculous things in these dreams - for example, that I finally realize, that I am a witch or a fairy and that I have magic powers. I am controlling the flying with my thoughts - I am "leaning towards" the air, and I am "gliding". I am light, peaceful and free. Above all, free.

I am passing hilly landscapes, it is all green, the weather is pleasantly warm. It is never cold and it is never winter or autumn while flying. It is always spring or summer, the trees are green, the colours are vibrant, the rivers are clean.

It seems to me, that my idealism is showing in these flying dreams.

The last time, I dreamt that I was a fairy. I also had wings, and of course, Orlando Bloom was flying next to me. (Yes, I am hooked on Carnival Row... ;) )

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