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Flight for me

Sebastian (41, Male, from Chile, he is an artist, he went to Post Grad)

He dreams regularly, but only remembers a few of his dreams.

He flies in his dreams only occasionally.

I dreamed several times that I was flying, but I remember one specific dream the most.

In that dream, i had the feeling that I had learnt how to fly. It was such a strange feeling, that when i was awake I thought: yes, I know how to do it!

It was a slope on which i can run down. I used my arms like wings, I moved fast. But not only speed was important, you had to catch the wind. My arms were really like wings, the force of the wind was strong. Even if I tried to move fast, that wind made me feel it was hard to move...

I ran down the slope and at the same time I "flapped my wings", and then I flew.

I was flying not too high, only about 15 meters above the surface, and I could see everything; the backyards of houses, but there were no people... it was a flight only for me.

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