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Flying thoughts

Olgi (90, Female, from Hungary, she is a Granny)

She dreams regularly but only remembers a few of her dreams.

She flies in her dreams occasionally.

I used to fly above the ground in my dreams sometimes, flying high up. Then, when I woke up, I found myself on the ground. These dreams used to return every now and then. Nowadays, I only fly in my thoughts, these old dreams don't return.

(The original submission arrived in the form of a poem, in Hungarian, please find it below.)

Álmaimban volt, hogy föld felett szálltam

És a magasban jártam,

Majd amikor felébredtem,

magamat a földön leltem.


Voltak ezen álmok...

Ma a gondolatok szárnyán szállok,

Elkerülnek e régi álmok.

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