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Flying two ways

Annamaria (35, Female, from Hungary, she is a Business Intelligence Manager, she went to University)

She dreams regularly and remembers her dreams most of the time.

She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

I can fly in two different ways in my dreams.

One way is that I am walking, then start scampering with bigger and bigger jumps. Then I manage to keep myself in the air for longer and longer periods of time. After a while, I can walk without my feet touching the ground, and then I manage to scamper above the ground.

It is important that I keep going faster and faster, otherwise I would fall down. Sometimes I even spread my arms wide, but I use them only for balancing, I am not doing and wing strokes.

It feels liberating. It makes me happy, that I manage to leave the ground, and I don't really understand why I don't do it more often, also when I am awake. However, for some reason, it never occurs to me to run as fast as to ascend when I am not sleeping.

The other way how I fly is falling from high up. I know that I would not fall down, because at the end, just before I would hit the ground, I start to glide, just like a bird or a fighter aircraft. In these dreams, I am always flying with my arms stretched, and I also don't do much flying motions, maximum a few strokes in the air. These dreams don't take long, because usually right after I start gliding, I wake up. It gives me the feeling that I imagine birds would have while flying. It's almost as if I would have a collective experience with them.

When I have these dreams, I am usually aware that I am dreaming. However, in a paradox way, I also think that I could fly even when I am awake. Another observation I have is that these dreams are usually light. They are never nightmares.

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