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Focus and fly

Zsuzsi (36, Female, from Hungary, she is an SAP Consultant, she went to secondary school)

She dreams regularly and remembers her dreams most of the time. She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

When I am flying in my dreams, it is usually of no surprise to me in the dream - I am just able to do it. I do not have wings and I do not have to move to do it and I am flying vertically, like standing, maybe leaning a bit forward to move ahead, but not too much. Also, I have to concentrate pretty hard - like, if I lose focus, then I slowly start to descend then fall faster and faster. Then when I can gather my thoughts and concentrate again, I am able to fly higher. I never actually fall down, but sometimes I feel I am flying too high, and cannot properly control my altitude.

In some cases, I lose focus because I realize in my dream that I am actually flying, and that is quite special. I am like "fuck I'm flying, this is not supposed to happen", and right when I realize, I start to go lower and lower. But then I get my grip on it, and can continue.

Also, in these dreams, I rarely use my special skill to be a hero. I remember cases when I would help a kid stuck on a tall tree or fetch a balloon that a child lost, but no real Superman stuff :)

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