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Free to fly

Teona (29, Female, from Romania, she is looking for a job, she went to University)

She dreams regularly, but only remembers a few of her dreams.

She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

I used to dream frequently about flying. Most of the times, I would do it because someone has been following me and I would be trying to escape. Other times, I did it just because I felt free. But every time, I would stand and start flapping my arms as fast as I could, and then I would get higher and higher.

I usually fly above the trees and buildings, just enough to see from above. If I would stop flapping my arms, I would get lower. It is interesting that most of the time I would fly over the neighborhood I grew up in, in a different city. And some of my friends or relatives would also be part of the dream.

But in the past years, I stopped dreaming about flying... Maybe because of the stress and anxiety. But I do miss it a lot. Because when I was waking up, I actually knew the feeling of flying. And nothing compares to that.

So when I will dream of flying again, I'll know that I am free.

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