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Lucid dreaming

Kai (33, Male, from Berlin)

He dreams regularly but only remembers a few of his dreams.

He flies in his dreams occasionally.

I started very early with flying in dreams. The first time i remember was in the second grade. I dreamed that i was bullied again and again and one day i decided to start flying away. Then from time to time I was flying in my dreams as a normal way to get from point A to point B.

The flying in my normal dreams is different from the flying in my lucid dreams. It is more like i am swimming in the air with breaststrokes. When I was lucid dreaming - last time about three years ago -, I was flying more as a character from the Dragon Ball Manga, with the arms pointing backwards and being straight.

I first experienced lucid dreaming at the age of 14, but only a couple of times.

Later I dreamed very little lucid. Four or five years ago I decided to learn how to do it, so that I could learn in my dreams. I quickly realized that I don't have the intention to learn in my dreams.

The only thing I was doing was to fly every time a little higher in the air and then straight to the ground. Maybe I was expecting to wake up, but nothing happened. After a couple of months, I flew galaxies away to fly into buildings on the Earth.

Sounds crazy, isn't it?!

Someday I realized that it was taking too much energy, and that I got a headache and wanted to take a break. Since then, I have never flown again in my dreams.

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