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Skull saviours

Tamas (44, Male, from Berlin, he is a Conceptionist, he went to University)

He hardly ever dreams.

He flies in his dreams occasionally.

I describe the whole dream.

I'm in an alley, brick walls, fog. In the gray sky, shadows of aliens or dinosaurs are chasing humans. I'm a soldier. We've already been spotted. I escape into a toilet house. There, I'll pass on the code to my comrades (words forgotten). But it can mean both: "We discovered them" and "They discovered us."

I notice that there is someone behind a toilet door and he heard me. I look. A girl is sitting there. She is afraid of the meaning of my words. But I can calm her down. I tell her that the meaning is: They've discovered us. Meaning: I'm a human being fighting the aliens, not her.

I close the door again and hide in a corner of the room, because I fear one of the aliens has already seen me. Suddenly, something grabs me between my legs. Nice, positive music goes on (Hamburger Schule) and I am out of the situation.

I notice that I am flying backwards.

I open my eyes slowly and: does the nightmare never end? A little, ugly skull with hair looks at me. I notice that the skull is in the mouth of another skull, and the bones are just rolling back and forth. The skulls look threatening, but they are not threatening at all.

The skulls laugh crazy but friendly at me and I have to laugh too, and I feel very good.

The skulls are sitting on my belly, around them, nested perpetual motion machines, moving incessantly.

Together with my skulls – we are friends – on my stomach, I fly backwards through long corridors with toys and sports equipments. We have fun flying and are getting faster and faster. We have to laugh and I feel very happy.

My completely crazy skull ghost always looks after me and has rescued me from fear, for which I am very grateful to him.

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