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Swim above the forest

Rita Rogers (52, Female, from France/Hungary, she is a Ceramics Designer, she went to University)

She dreams regularly, but only remembers her dreams occasionally.

She only flew once or twice in her dreams.

This is a very old dream - I had it more than 30 years ago. But I'll never forget it.

I don't recall the beginning of the dream, but I remember that I was walking somewhere. It was an idyllic, green scenery with a dirt road... For some reason, I was very happy, and I started jumping out of joy. I was jumping higher and higher, and as if gravity ceased to exist, I found myself higher and higher up in the air. Then I did a swimming motion, and it worked! I got higher and higher up - I was fascinated by watching the landscape, I could feel my adrenaline level rising. I even thought that I should not "swim" too high, because what if this "miracle" stops, and I fall down. (I am quite surprised, in retrospect, that even while dreaming, I was trying to stay cautious... :) )

Unfortunately, I don't remember how it continued, but I know that in the coming days, I went to bed earlier, hoping that this dream would come back to me. Sadly, it never happened again...

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