Taking space

Mikayla (24, Female, from the USA, she is a dancer, she went to College)

She dreams regularly, but only remembers a few of her dreams.

Flying only happened to her once or twice in her dreams.

I have only experienced flying while dreaming once.

I had a powerful first meeting with a Rolfing practitioner, feeling many many layers of emotional residue in my body awaken over the course of 2 hours. Most powerful was a realization of the lockdown my solar plexus is under.

That night I dreamt I could fly for the first time, and my solar plexus region served as the engine for my body to take flight. I felt the activation of this area in my body, moving towards the space I felt after the Rolfing session, and eventually there was so much space and air within me that I could meet the space and air around.

I elevated, and it felt simple.

This imagery has served me to continue to find expansion in my chest, allowing my body to meet the air that surrounds it and take flight.