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The mound of sand

Angéla (36, Female, from Hungary, she went to University)

She dreams regularly and remembers her dreams most of the time.

She flies in her dreams only occasionally.

I dreamed about flying several times when I was a child.

I grew up in the countryside and we used to play a lot out on the streets with other children. That's where we used to play in my dreams as well.

There was a mound of sand left from a construction by one of the houses. I told some of my friends in this dream, that I was going to fly, and we were talking about how great it would be if we could do that. So I tried.

I ran to the mound from 5-8 meters distance, and from the top of it, that was about 1 meter high, I jumped and I flew. I was floating. I flew as high as the first floor of the buildings, and I was always flying in my village.

I was in a somewhat tilted, but almost upright position while flying, and I was "floating" in a nice, similar to biking speed pace, so I could look around. I could control the height and the direction of my flight with my thoughts, with my "will", my speed was more or less constant.

It felt good. It gave me a sense of freedom.

In my dream, my brother could also fly this way.

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